Carta - Liang (Extended Mix) 
Blinders - Motorsport (Extended Mix) 
MIDIKLØRYAN - Kotiro (Original Mix) 
Rudelies, Jack & James, Jaime Deraz - Far Away (Extended Mix) 
Blondali - Falling (Extended Mix) 
Danny Olson, Alicia Madison - Goodbye (Original Mix) 
Oscar House - Parrot (Extended Mix) 
Oli Harper, Maggie Szabo - Free Falling (Extended Mix) 
KURA, Incognet - Check The Flow (Extended Mix) 
Header - Midnight (Original Mix) 
Reebs, Robin Aristo - Boombots (Original Mix) 
Reebs - Luv (Original Mix) 
Robin Aristo - Doin' It Dutch! (Original Mix) 
Belmont Boys - De Nada (Original Mix) 
Avaro - I Don't Wanna Play (No Games) (Oomloud Extended Remix) 
Tony Romera - So Much (Extended Mix) 
Ledok - If You Don't Like (Extended Mix) 
TWINCIDI - They Are Coming (Extended Mix) 
Heyder - Waiting (Extended MIx) 
KIIDA, Alex - Peron Hreston (Extended Mix) 
U'Moon - Big Is Life (Original Mix) 
SpeedStr, King Salomon - Live In The Moment (Original Mix) 
Pretty Pink - Come Back (Extended Mix) 
Armin Van Buuren, Duncan Laurence - Feel Something (Extended Mix) 
22Bullets, Torine, Lovespeake - Lost In Your Eyes (Original Mix) 
Yves V - Round & Round (Original Mix) 
Tru Concept, Lauren L'aimant - Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Mix) 
Sammy Virji, Shift K3Y - Runaway (Original Mix) 
Dastic, Amero, Bertie Scott - Dancing In The Moonlight (Original Mix) 
Thomas Gold - Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix) 
Ella Henderson, Roger Sanchez - Dream On Me (Paul Woolford Remix) 
Ella Henderson, Roger Sanchez - Dream On Me (Roger Sanchez Remix) 
Sleepwalkrs, MNEK - More Than Words (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix) 
Gorgon City, EVAN GIIA - Burning (Snakehips Remix) 
Topic, A7S, Lil Baby - Why Do You Lie To Me (KC Lights Remix) 
Joel Corry, MNEK - Head & Heart (Tiesto Extended Remix) 
Joel Corry, MNEK - Head & Heart (Ofenbach Remix) 
7inn - Alt Key (Original Mix) 
7inn - Glitched (Original Mix) 
7inn - We Don't Ever Stop (Original Mix) 
7inn, BANXY - Who's High (Original Mix) 
Adisyn - 3AM (Original Mix) 
Adisyn - Nuits Sonores (Original Mix) 
AIKON - Coming Back (Original Mix) 
Andrey Exx, D'Vision - Lifting Me Up (Extended Mix) 
Atherys, Jzaff - Falling (Extended Mix) 
Bad Decisions - Run (Original Mix) 
Besomorph, Asdis - DNGRS (Original Mix) 
BISHU - Bind (Original Mix) 
BISHU - Conversations (Original Mix) 
BISHU - Night Rider (Original Mix) 
BISHU, RØRY - Crossfire (Original Mix) 
Black Jersey - Once Again (Original Mix) 
Blaze U, Chimney, Nic Johnston - Keep Trying (Original Mix) 
Bonnie Beats - Reflux (Original Mix) 
Carlo Ratto - Sun Goes Up (Extended Mix) 
Cicchino - Nebulous (Original Mix) 
Cicchino - Romanzo (Original Mix) 
Danny Time, JVNK, BassJacked, Billo - Lambo (Original Mix) 
Dirty Doering - El Mundo (Original Mix) 
Dirty Doering - Mafalda (Original Mix) 
DJ Antoine, Deadline - Shout (Extended Mix) 
DJ San - Nightgoggles Off (Original Mix) 
DJ San - Nightgoggles On (Original Mix) 
Doctor P, Adam F, Method Man - The Pit (DONKONG Remix) 
Donkong - Blood On The Line (Original Mix) 
Donkong - Self Defence Mechanism (Original Mix) 
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Feeling Good (Original Mix) 
Dunk - Cybernetics (Original Mix) 
Dunk - Gangster Soul (Original Mix) 
Dunk - Lost Tribe (Original Mix) 
Dunk - Paradise (Original Mix) 
Dwelm - Cloud Complex (Original Mix) 
Dwelm - Have Blue (Original Mix) 
Dwelm - Layover (Original Mix) 
Dwelm, Dalfin - Cascade (Original Mix) 
EC Twins, Oda Loves You - Dreams (Original Mix) 
Elijah Hill - Take Cover (Original Mix) 
Exalto, Ethereal Voices - Asylum (Extended Mix) 
Facundo Capott - Rubi (Original Mix) 
Facundo Capott - Sonata (Original Mix) 
Felix Jaehn, Nea, Bryn Christopher - No Therapy (Vintage Culture Extended Remix) 
FIGHT CLVB, MidFug - Crisis 2020 (Original Mix) 
Flowidus - Shelter (Original Mix) 
Francco - Hare Hare (Original Mix) 
Funky Craig, Ma-Less - Mami Wurk (Original Mix) 
Gettoblaster - Planet Funk (Original Mix) 
Grammik - Changes (Original Mix) 
Grammik - Houria (Original Mix) 
Grammik - The Story (Original Mix) 
Greg Gold, GOMSON - Sorry (ENZO Remix) 
Greg Gold, GOMSON - Sorry (Original Mix) 
Greg Gold, GOMSON - Sorry (Phatt Rick Remix) 
Haus Of Panda, SWAGE - Reload (Original Mix) 
Hugo Doche - Catch My Breath (Original Mix) 
Italobrothers, Kiesza - Let Go (Moodshift Remix) 
James Harcourt - Animal (Original Mix) 
James Harcourt - Parallel Play (Original Mix) 
James Harcourt - VCF (Original Mix) 
Jaybeetrax - Just A Feeling (Original Mix) 
Jaybeetrax - Longline (Original Mix) 
Jeanway - Happy Shadows (Extended Mix) 
Joe Daniels - Hailstorm (Original Mix) 
Jonathan Kaspar - Bigna (Original Mix) 
Jonathan Kaspar - Elin (Original Mix) 
Jonathan Kaspar - Tia (Original Mix) 
Joshua Moreno - Der Groove-Hersteller (Bluum Extended Mix) 
Joshua Moreno, Gambitt - Point Of Renewal (Hessian Extended Mix) 
K3WRO, DJ Crime - Battles (Original Mix) 
Kamilo Sanclemente - Alpha (Original Mix) 
Kamilo Sanclemente - Alpha (Simos Tagias Remix) 
Kamilo Sanclemente - Final Warning (Original Mix) 
Kamilo Sanclemente - Final Warning (Q.U.A.K.E & Aaron Suiss Remix) 
KAS:ST - VTOPIA (Original Mix) 
Killer Hertz - Waiting For You (Original Mix) 
Krooner - Save Me (Original Mix) 
Krooner - Think About It (Original Mix) 
LOST CAPITAL, Cr3on, Elettra Mavis - Opposite Of Love (Original Mix) 
LowParse - Dead Again (Original Mix) 
LowParse - Pon Mi Cocki (Original Mix) 
Maazel - Memories (Original Mix) 
Maazel - Thinking About You (Original Mix) 
Maazel, Danni Carra - Sundaze (Original Mix) 
Maazel, glasscat - Right Now (Original Mix) 
Marc DePulse - Manolito (Original Mix) 
Marc DePulse - Nomenklatur (Original Mix) 
Marc DePulse, Uwe Thoma - Der Leise Raum (Original Mix) 
Marsh - Healer (Extended Mix) 
Matt Crisis - Dirty (Original Mix) 
Matt Crisis - Ending Night (Original Mix) 
Mavjak, Hitak - Enigma (Extended Mix) 
Max Brhon - Pain (Original Mix) 
Mayro - Dodo (Original Mix) 
Mayro - Turtle Dance (Original Mix) 
MC Bassman, Ego Trippin - You're Coming With Us (Original Mix) 
MC Bassman, Serum - Terrordome (Original Mix) 
Mejko, Rose Ghould - Archangel (Original Mix) 
Mikah - Paspatout (Original Mix) 
Mikah - Pavoia (Original Mix) 
Mike Candys, Le Shuuk - Raptor (Original Club Mix) 
Mike Mago - Recognise (Original Mix) 
Mike Mago, Jodie Abacus - Sun Keeps Rising Up (Original Mix) 
Mike Mago, Kelli-Leigh - On Repeat (Original Mix) 
Mike Mago, TCTS, Anabel Englund - Eyes On Me (Original Mix) 
Monblube - Skynet (Original Mix) 
Monty Ozanne - Chomp Chomp (Original Mix) 
Monty Ozanne - Deep Down Low (Collective States Remix) 
Monty Ozanne - Deep Down Low (Original Mix) 
More Plastic - Let Me Go (Original Mix) 
Nicola Zucchi - Frisky (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - Holy Water (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - Leaf In The Wind (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - Middle Of The Night (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - Nice Girls Finish Last (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - Opus (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - True North (Original Mix) 
Ninajirachi, Kota Banks - Vice Versa (Original Mix) 
Paapi Muzik - Night Drive (Original Mix) 
Pavel Khvaleev, Miss Monique, Avis Vox - Silent (Dub Mix) 
Pavel Khvaleev, Miss Monique, Avis Vox - Silent (Original Mix) 
Pokeyz - La Caverneuse (Original Mix) 
Proper Vibe - Low (Extended Mix) 
Rick Pier O'Neil - X' Batun (Original Mix) 
Rick Pier O'Neil - X' Keken (Original Mix) 
Robert Miles - Children (Airdream Remix) 
Robin Stoll, OMMIEH - Hope You Know (Original Mix) 
Saint Is - Art Image (Original Mix) 
Saint Is - On Me (Original Mix) 
Saint Is - Space Invaders (Original Mix) 
Saint Is, Juan Hansen - Before We Get Old (Original Mix) 
Saint Is, Sergi Yaro - Dancing In The Rain (Aera Remix) 
Sam Helix - Like We Used To (Extended Mix) 
Schwarzmann, Henrik Schwarz, Frank Wiedemann - Octave Two (Original Mix) 
Sentimentø - Sonder (Extended Mix) 
Serum - Cut And Shut (Original Mix) 
Shimza - Maru (Original Mix) 
Shimza, Mikhaela Faye - Calling Out Your Name (Kostakis Remix) 
Shimza, Mikhaela Faye - Calling Out Your Name (Original Mix) 
Simula - Scarab (Original Mix) 
Spex - Hangover (Extended Mix) 
Squib - New Horizon (Extended Mix) 
Stampyd, Sideral - Fuji (Original Mix) 
Stan Kolev - Conquer (Original Mix) 
Stylo - Take Me Home (Original Mix) 
Stylo, WeAre - Before Tonight (Original Mix) 
Subsonic - With You (Original Mix) 
Surreal - Blossom (Original Mix) 
Surreal - Juicy Bit (Original Mix) 
Surreal - Lift Me Up (Original Mix) 
Surreal - We Were So Good (Original Mix) 
Syn Cole - Time (Original Mix) 
Tekraw, Miss Baas - Pon Detox (Original Mix) 
The OtherZ, Dainez, Ghabe - Bright Lights (Extended Mix) 
The Sickbeat - Asteroids From Cygnus (Original Mix) 
The Sickbeat - Ice Giant (Original Mix) 
The Sickbeat - Uranos (Original Mix) 
Tigi - Followers (Original Mix) 
Tom Gregory - What Love Is (EDX's Acapulco At Night Club Mix) 
Trilucid, Esque - Glimmer In The Dark (Extended Mix) 
Trilucid, Esque - Illuminant (Extended Mix) 
Triptyque - Dance Or Die (Original Mix) 
Vanita - Ailurus (Anakim Remix) 
Vanita - Ailurus (Original Mix) 
Vanita - In The Past (Original Mix) 
Vize Verza - Closure (Extended Mix) 
Wabe - Discovery (Original Mix) 
Wabe - Outbound (Original Mix) 
WATEVA, FIVEIGHT - Get $ (Original Mix) 
WE ARE FURY, Danyka Nadeau - Don't Know Why (Synymata Remix) 
XTEQUILAX - Every Single Time (Original Mix) 
Yamil - Running Over Me (Ivory Gravityless Re-shape) 
Yamil - Running Over Me (Original Mix) 
Yamil - Running Over Me (Skatman Reconstruction) 
Yamil - Woodhous (Original Mix) 
Yoe Mase - Bindings In The Cold (Original Mix) 
Zicky G, Hasko - Oldschool Flow (Original Mix) 
Zoree - BlackOut (Original Mix)