DubVision, Pontifexx - Stand By You (Extended Mix) 
Will K - Take It Off (Extended Mix) 
NØ SIGNE - 10 Percent (Extended Mix) 
VINNE - Pó De Anjo (Extended Mix) 
Cheyenne Giles, Gamuel Sori - Heat (Extended Mix) 
Tube & Berger, Goatchy - All I Want (Extended Mix) 
Blasterjaxx, Amanda Collis - Rescue Me (Extended Mix) 
Yaro, Trilane, EEVA - Unlove You (Extended Mix) 
Hardwell, Henry Fong, Mr. Vegas - Badam (Chocolate Puma Remix - Extended) 
Mr.Black, Offer Nissim - Mucho Bien (MR.BLACK Remix - Extended) 
Don Diablo, Imanbek, Trevor Daniel - Kill Me Better (Extended Mix) 
Alex Pizzuti - Memories (Extended Mix) 
JLV, Brock - My Soul (Easy) (Extended Mix) 
Castion, Chester Young - Breathin' (Extended Mix) 
Bvrnout - Rock The Party (Extended Mix) 
ALIII - Never Stop (Extended Mix) 
Tollef - You (Extended Mix) 
Do It Big - SYD (Extended Mix) 
Olly James, SCNDL - OG (Extended Mix) 
Tujamo - Enough Of You (Original Mix) 
Oliver Heldens, Party Pupils, MAX - Set Me Free (Original Mix) 
Reblok - Dark Room (Extended Mix) 
Reblok - Player (Extended Mix) 
Reblok, Nycto - Shirt Off (Extended Mix) 
Murat Salman, Rednod, Ezgi Kosa - Give It To Me (Extended Mix) 
Jay Hardway, Juliette Claire, Aidan O'Brien - It's Over (Extended Mix) 
Chico Rose, Jaden Bojsen - Poppin Bottles (Extended Mix) 
Henri Pfr, Famba, Chiara Castelli - No One Knows (Extended Mix) 
Justus, Shai & PX - Jump (Extended Mix) 
Lodato, Bright Sparks - Good Thing (Extended Mix) 
Ummet Ozcan, Faustix - Angry Kids (Extended Mix) 
Wh0 - Chinatown (Extended Mix) 
Whiney - Caught Up (Original Mix) 
Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro, David Pietras - Losing Focus (Extended Mix) 
Marc Benjamin, Marcus Santoro, David Pietras - Losing Focus (Marcus Santoro & David Pietras Extended Mix) 
Armin Van Buuren, Duncan Laurence - Feel Something (Original Mix) 
Benny Benassi, Jeremih - LOVELIFE (Extended Mix) 
David Guetta, Sia - Let's Love (Robin Schulz Remix - Extended) 
BLR, Redondo, Lydia Lyon - Low Key (Extended) 
VASSY, Outgang, TwoWorldsApart - OXYGEN (Extended) 
Paul Oakenfold, Eve, Baby E - What's Your Love Like (Original Mix) 
Abner - Bam! (Original Mix) 
Acejax, RYVN, AXYL - In My Mind (Extended Mix) 
Adam Pearce, Luma - All Of My Love (HYDDIN Remix) 
Adam Pearce, Luma - All Of My Love (LionX x Eko Remix) 
Adam Pearce, Luma - All Of My Love (NGYN Remix) 
Adam Pearce, Luma - All Of My Love (Original Mix) 
Adelphi Music Factory - My People (Love Can Live Forever) (Club Mix) 
Aevion - California Dream (Original Mix) 
Alenn, Ruben Del Moral - Tokay (Original Mix) 
Alex Breitling - Division (Extended Mix) 
Alex Kein - Oblivion (Extended Mix) 
Alexander Popov, Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun [Reloaded] (Extended Mix) 
Alix Perez, Halogenix - Unlustrous (Original Mix) 
Anchor Acres - Magi (Original Mix) 
Anchor Acres, John M - Away (Original Mix) 
Andrew Rayel, Olivia Sebastianelli - Everything Everything (Cosmic Gate Extended Remix) 
ARMNHMR, Melanie Fontana - Fragile (Original Mix) 
Basto - The Trap (Extended Mix) 
Benson - Designer Girl (Extended Mix) 
Bonn - Spaceships (Original Mix) 
Boxer, Kate Walsh - Feels (Extended Mix) 
Brais, DJ Frog, Derek Joel - Broken (Extended Mix) 
Buunshin - No Match (Original Mix) 
Cabriolet Paris - Cloudwalker (Klur Extended Remix) 
Careless Castle - Grindin (Original Mix) 
Careless Castle - Money (Original Mix) 
Careless Castle - Welcome (Original Mix) 
Careless Castle, Staysick - Alive (Original Mix) 
Carpe Solem - Keep Me (Original Mix) 
Carpe Solem - Save Me (Original Mix) 
Cence Brothers - Fight For Me (Original Mix) 
Che-Yung - Rainy Sleep (Extended Mix) 
Cheat Codes - Washed Up (Original Mix) 
Chicane, Joseph Aquilina - Everything We Had To Leave Behind (Original Mix) 
Damon Sharpe, Josh Cumbee - Lost Years (Original Mix) 
David Guetta, MORTEN, Lovespeake - Save My Life (Original Mix) 
Decimate - Power Up (Original Mix) 
Decimate, Codd Dubz - Terrify (Original Mix) 
Decimate, Haunta - Hyper (Original Mix) 
Deeparture (nl) - Fuselage (Original Mix) 
Deeparture (nl) - Stator Vane (Original Mix) 
Deeparture (nl) - True North (Original Mix) 
Dmitry Molosh - Little Friend (Imran Khan Remix) 
Dmitry Molosh - Little Friend (LADS & Traumhouse Remix) 
Dmitry Molosh - Little Friend (Original Mix) 
Dot N Life, Flamers - Can't Stop (Original Mix) 
Dr. Fresch, MARTEN HØRGER - Take A Step Back (Original Mix) 
Dr. Ozi, Ace Aura - Sum Buddy (Original Mix) 
Drinks On Me - Feel Something (Original Mix) 
Drinks On Me - Obama (Original Mix) 
East Dawn - Generation (Original Mix) 
Exodus, Kuyano - Bright Future (Club Mix) 
Falden - Moments (Original Mix) 
Far Out, Ally Thorn - Adventure (Original Mix) 
Far Out, Heather Sommer - Focus (Original Mix) 
Far Out, Monika Santucci - Wherever We Are (Original Mix) 
Far Out, RØRY - Alchemy (Original Mix) 
Felix Jaehn, Nea, Bryn Christopher - No Therapy (Vintage Culture Remix) 
Five Corners, ZACHARY - Found You (Extended Mix) 
Floret Loret - Abscissions (Original Mix) 
Floret Loret - Afterblooms (Original Mix) 
Floret Loret - Melted Lavender (Original Mix) 
Floret Loret - Nu Bloom (Original Mix) 
FOLLK - The House (Extended Mix) 
Futurebound - Dangerous (Original Mix) 
Földes, Adam Marcos, Martin Eriksson, Skrilla - Get Funky (Original Mix) 
Gaba - Be Right (Original Mix) 
Gai Barone - Two Ghosts (Extended Mix) 
Genuine Brothers, Exce - So Phat (Original Mix) 
Ghostatic, Susie - HELLp (Original Mix) 
Giraffe Squad, Anikdote, Jon Becker - Bought The Rain (Original Mix) 
Green Tree - Melodramatic (Original Mix) 
Green Tree, Jules Brand - Back To The Basics (Original Mix) 
Green Tree, LexBlaze - Waistline (Original Mix) 
Heard Right, OAI - Oceans (Extended Mix) 
Heatbeat - Feel Alive (Extended Mix) 
Helder Simz - Confused (Original Mix) 
Henry Dark, Ava Silver - Gravity (Extended Mix) 
Heyder - Waiting (Original Mix) 
Hi I'm Ghost - Spookiest Riddim (Original Mix) 
Hina - On My Mind (Original Mix) 
Holly, Severman - With My Baby (Extended Mix) 
Hyroglifics - Day By Day (Original Mix) 
INF1N1TE - STORY TO TELL (Original Mix) 
Jay Eskar, SFRNG, Häzel - Ignite (Extended Mix) 
JC Ordonez, Dave Summit - Everybody (Original Mix) 
jeonghyeon, Ruta, Brenton Mattheus - Nothing Else Matters (Original Mix) 
John Dahlback - Avalon (Original Mix) 
John Dahlback - Chased (Original Mix) 
John Dahlback - Nebula (Original Mix) 
John Dahlback - Stardust (Original Mix) 
Jon Gurd - The Dream (Extended Mix) 
Jon Gurd - The Dream (Max Cooper & Rob Clouth Extended Mix) 
Keeno - Severn Summers (Original Mix) 
KIIDA, Alex - Peron Hreston (Original Mix) 
KIZĒ - Runaway (Extended Mix) 
KUU, Alex Metric, Riton, Shungudzo - We'll Always Have This Dance (Original Mix) 
Laidback Luke, David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (Carta Remix) 
Laidback Luke, David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (DJs From Mars Remix) 
Laidback Luke, David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (Extended Mix) 
Laidback Luke, David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (Honey & Badger Remix) 
Laidback Luke, David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (LANNE Remix) 
Laidback Luke, David Gonçalves - Rolling Stone (VIVID Remix) 
LANNÉ, Giorgio Gee, Scott Rill - Lady (Extended Mix) 
LANNÉ, LUNAX - Stay Low (Extended Mix) 
Leaving Laurel - A Secret Place (Extended Mix) 
Leaving Laurel - Guardian Angels Watch Down On You (Extended Mix) 
Leaving Laurel - Rosaro (Extended Mix) 
Ledok - If You Don't Like (Original Mix) 
Lexio, HUMBL3 - You Want (Extended Mix) 
Lionis, Stage Republic - Crush (Extended Mix) 
Lipless, Kyle Reynolds - Future (Extended Mix) 
Lost Kings, Masn - Mountains (Original Mix) 
Luca Rezza - Jammin (Original Mix) 
Luca Rezza - Looking For You (Original Mix) 
Luca Rezza - No More Tears (Original Mix) 
Luca Rezza - Sensation (Original Mix) 
Lyke - AROSE (Extended Mix) 
Maratone, Lasse Macbeth - Tingonic (Extended Mix) 
Mariline, Z3US - Show Me (Extended Mix) 
Marko, Kiko Z - Play Hard (Extended Mix) 
Maximals - Your Love (Extended Mix) 
Mercer - Lemonade (The Magician Italo '85' Remix) 
Mike Candys, Le Shuuk - Raptor (Original Mix) 
Milo S, Mielou - Higher (Extended Mix) 
MOGUAI, Tim Hox, Lions Head - Blue Monday (Extended Instrumental) 
MOGUAI, Tim Hox, Lions Head - Blue Monday (Extended) 
Morgin Madison - Indigo (Original Mix) 
Morgin Madison - Luna (Original Mix) 
Morgin Madison - Some Nights (Original Mix) 
Morgin Madison - Velen (Original Mix) 
MOTi, Groovenatics, L4tch - Put Yo Money (Original Mix) 
Mr. Nunez - Feel The Boom (Original Mix) 
Mr. Nunez - Long Ride (Original Mix) 
Neil Bronson, Bertello - STAY (Extended Mix) 
Neptunica, LANNÉ, Micano - Scream (Original Mix) 
Niiko x SWAE - Can't Feel My Face (Extended Mix) 
Niklas Long - High On You (Original Mix) 
Notize - Rearrange (Original Mix) 
Notize, Zixten - Watch It (Original Mix) 
Ocean Roulette - Bizerk (Original Mix) 
Ocean Roulette - Bizerk (Treasure Fingers Remix) 
Omnia - One Night (Original Mix) 
One Day One Coke, CASHEW - Get To Know (Original Mix) 
One Day One Coke, Movenchy - Be Strong (Original Mix) 
Papa Khan - Blossom (Original Mix) 
Papa Khan - Diary Of A Poor Kid (Original Mix) 
Papa Khan - Rain (Original Mix) 
Papa Khan - Utopia (Original Mix) 
Paris Blohm - Waiting (Extended Mix) 
Perk Pietrek - Palace (Original Mix) 
PIERRELAPAULE - Get It (Extended Mix) 
Pinky - Nomad (Original Mix) 
Pixel Terror - Omega (Original Mix) 
PRXZM - Adrenaline (Original Mix) 
R3HAB, Astrid S, HRVY - Am I The Only One (Original Mix) 
R3HAB, Now United - One Love (Original Mix) 
Raito, Allie Crystal - Catch Me (Original Mix) 
Rave Republic, Sixth Sense - Love On Fire (Extended Mix) 
Rebel Scum, Agassi - Sublime (Original Mix) 
Richie Blacker - Hysteria (Extended Mix) 
RITN - Truth (Original Mix) 
Robert Babicz - One Mind (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 
Rome In Silver - Get Lost (Original Mix) 
Rome In Silver, Beach Season - Skin (Original Mix) 
Rome In Silver, Chæ - Friends (Original Mix) 
Rome In Silver, Tails - Forever (Original Mix) 
Rome In Silver, yasaquarius - Lies (Original Mix) 
Ron Carroll - Walking Down The Street (Bass Elephants Extended Remix) 
Ryan Nichols - Body Move (Extended Mix) 
Ryan Nichols - The Beat (Extended Mix) 
Ryan Paul - Fine (Extended Mix) 
Salt Cathedral - PARIS (Original Mix) 
Salt Cathedral, Tiziano Bianchi - PARIS (Isolation Mix) 
Sammy Legs - Sniffin' (Advent Remix) 
Sammy Legs - Sniffin' (Original Mix) 
Sammy Legs - Sniffin' (Steve Darko Remix) 
Santeli, Bigstate - I Know (Original Mix) 
Sebastien Leger - Giza (Extended) 
Signs - Sun (Original Mix) 
SOMMA, Nina Chuba - I Can't Sleep (Original Mix) 
SQWAD - U Don't Know (Original Mix) 
Super8 & Tab, Colin Smith - Hurricane Love (Extended Mix) 
Tekraw, Miss Baas - Pon Detox (Original Mix) 
Tep No, Mark Morrison - My Life (Original Mix) 
The Brig, Kid Trevor, Miyoki - Sympathize (Original Mix) 
Tom Gregory - What Love Is (EDX's Acapulco At Night Remix) 
Tommie Sunshine, Fahjah - Thunda Poundz Undaground (Original Mix) 
Tony Junior, G-Pol, Dimma Urih - Matveevskaya (Original Mix) 
Tony Romera - So Much (Original Mix) 
Triple M, Danni Darries - Haunted (Original Mix) 
Tritonal, Dylan Matthew, Au5 - Happy Where We Are (Original Mix) 
Tsuki - Over VIP (Original Mix) 
TWO LANES - Never Enough (Nils Hoffmann Remix) 
TWO LANES - Never Enough (Original Mix) 
Tygris - Dark Sun (Extended Mix) 
Ucros - Amaretto (Extended Mix) 
Valy Mo, Jaycen A'mour - U N I (Original Mix) 
Vessbroz, Michelle Montezeri - Gravity (Extended Mix) 
Vion Konger - Moovin (Extended Mix) 
Visages - Momentum (Original Mix) 
Vize Verza - Closure (Original Mix) 
VY•DA, Dark Crown - Angry Ex (Extended) 
Whiney - Old Flame (Original Mix) 
Whiney, Ben Verse - Deep End (Original Mix) 
Whiney, Parly B - Roll Out (Original Mix) 
Workforce - Simple, Positive Things (Original Mix) 
Yurie - Mind Made Up (Original Mix) 
ZHU, 24KGoldn - I Admit It (Original Mix)