Heatbeat - Feel Alive (Extended Mix) 
Super8 & Tab, Colin Smith - Hurricane Love (Extended Mix) 
Andrew Rayel, Olivia Sebastianelli - Everything Everything (Cosmic Gate Extended Remix) 
Maratone, Lasse Macbeth - Tingonic (Extended Mix) 
Martin Graff - Finding Light (Extended Mix) 
Martin Graff - Sahara Dream (Extended Mix) 
Alexander Popov, Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun [Reloaded] (Extended Mix) 
Henry Dark, Ava Silver - Gravity (Extended Mix) 
Paul Denton, Will Rees - Fluidity (Original Mix) 
Daxson - While We Wait (Extended Mix) 
Darkness Falls - Manticore (Extended Mix) 
Sector7, Niko Zografos - Second Nature (Extended Mix) 
Johan Gielen, Nikolauss - Sensoji (Extended Mix) 
XiJaro & Pitch, Paipy - Evija (Extended Mix) 
Collide The Sky - Want You (Extended Mix) 
4 Strings, Susanne Teutenberg - Ocean Wave (Extended Mix) 
MR90 - Another Day (Extended Mix) 
BiXX, Roxanne Emery - Sound Of The Alarm (Extended Mix) 
Clay C - Loop Life (Extended Mix) 
LKX - Illusion (Extended Mix) 
Steve Dekay, Cari - No Limits (Extended Mix) 
Rene Ablaze, Terra V - Heavens Above (Extended Mix) 
70 Channel - White Emotion (Extended Mix) 
A.M.R - Pale Blue (Andromedha Extended Remix) 
A.M.R - Sleep (Terry Da Libra Remix) 
Aeden - Hydrogen (Alternate High Remix) 
Aeden - Hydrogen (Original Mix) 
Ahmed Helmy - The Space ID (Extended Mix) 
Ahmed Walid - Eclipse (Christian C Remix) 
Ahmed Walid - Eclipse (Original Mix) 
Airwalk3r, Van Der Karsten - Earthquake (Extended Mix) 
Alex Breitling - Division (Extended Mix) 
Andy Kern (DE) - Reverie (Original Mix) 
Anton Ishutin - Stunning (Extended Mix) 
Antone - Supernova (Extended Mix) 
Arkam - Black Adam (Extended Mix) 
Ash Ahimsa - Mashed Visual (Original Mix) 
Athema - Sad In November (Extended Mix) 
Audiko - Slow Deep (Extended Mix) 
Audio Anonymous, Ipcress - Carjacker (Luis M Remix) 
Audio Anonymous, Ipcress - Carjacker (Original Mix) 
Blink Project - Flame (Original Mix) 
Blood Groove & Kikis - Close To You (Valiant 'Pierside' Remix) 
Boxer, Kate Walsh - Feels (Extended Mix) 
Cabriolet Paris - Cloudwalker (Klur Extended Remix) 
Catchfire - You Let Me Down (Extended Mix) 
Catchfire - You Let Me Down (Instrumental Mix) 
Che-Yung - Rainy Sleep (Extended Mix) 
Chris Connolly, Crock - Low Freakuency (Extended Mix) 
CJ S.a.y. - Last Chance (Extended Mix) 
CJ S.a.y. - Suspense (Extended Mix) 
Daniel Lesden - Binary Star (Original Mix) 
Dave Steward - Links Chains (Extended Mix) 
Deeparture (nl) - Fuselage (Original Mix) 
Deeparture (nl) - Stator Vane (Original Mix) 
Deeparture (nl) - True North (Original Mix) 
DJ Proud - Timeless (DJ Spaceman Remix) 
DreamLife, Aleksey Gunichev - Maybe Someday (Extended Mix) 
DreamLife, Aleksey Gunichev - Maybe Someday (Intro Edit) 
DreamLife, Aleksey Gunichev - Maybe Someday (Orchestral Mix) 
EDHI EDWARD - About Us (Extended Mix) 
Elenski - Wind In Her Hair (Extended Mix) 
Emotion Love - Happy Childhood (Extended Mix) 
Falden - Moments (Original Mix) 
Flaor - Another Way (Original Mix) 
Flaor - Saturation (Original Mix) 
Fonzerelli - Hope (Extended Mix) 
Frank Dueffel - Cologne Sunset (Extended) 
Freq - Think Of A Sound (Original Mix) 
Gai Barone - Two Ghosts (Extended Mix) 
Glacial Storm - Inside Me (Original Mix) 
Hausman, 5ALVO, Lumynesynth - Eden (Acoustic Mix) 
Heard Right, OAI - Oceans (Extended Mix) 
Henry Caster - Living Voices (Extended Mix) 
Iant - Libra (Extended Mix) 
Indicazo - Colliding (Original Mix) 
Jameson Taylor - Space To Continue (Extended Mix) 
Jimmy Chou - The Passenger (Extended Mix) 
John Grand - Forever (Original Mix) 
John Grand - Nine To Five (Original Mix) 
John Grand - See You (Original Mix) 
John Grand - Who We Are (Original Mix) 
Jon Gurd - The Dream (Extended Mix) 
Jon Gurd - The Dream (Max Cooper & Rob Clouth Extended Mix) 
Karanda - Dreamstate (Extended Mix) 
KINETICA, Paul Skelton - Principium (Original Mix) 
Last Soldier, FAWZY - Shining Wizard (Extended Mix) 
Leaving Laurel - A Secret Place (Extended Mix) 
Leaving Laurel - Guardian Angels Watch Down On You (Extended Mix) 
Leaving Laurel - Rosaro (Extended Mix) 
Leroy Moreno - Veritas (Original Mix) 
Lyke - AROSE (Extended Mix) 
Manila - Fade Away 2k20 (Uplifterz Extended Remix) 
Mark Miller, Lee MacLeod - Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow (Original Mix) 
MatricK, Aylin - Ever After (Original Mix) 
MatricK, Aylin - Ever After (Voolgarizm Remix) 
Matthew Duncan - Scarlet (Extended Mix) 
Megara vs DJ Lee - Hold Your Hands Up High (Extended Rework) 
Michael Milov - Bungarus (Extended Mix) 
Michel Westerhoff - Fearless (Extended Mix) 
Micro Out - Autumn (Original Mix) 
Milad E, Farid A - One Love (Original Mix) 
Milad E, HamzeH - Regeneration (Original Mix) 
Milad E, Van Yorge - Dreamland (Original Mix) 
Milad E, whoman - Give Up (Original Mix) 
Milad E, Wynwood - Azadi (Original Mix) 
Milad E, Wynwood - Distinct (Original Mix) 
Milad E, Wynwood - Light (Original Mix) 
Milosh K - Explore The Unknown (Neil Redden Remix) 
Milosh K - Explore The Unknown (Original Mix) 
Parnassvs - MNL (Extended Mix) 
Paul Elov8 Smith - Zero (Original Mix) 
Paul Unkel - Follow (Original Mix) 
Phykro12 - Nirvana (Original Mix) 
Protonica - Gravity (Gaudium Remix) 
Protonica - Gravity (Original Mix) 
Richard Harrington - Skylab (F4T4L3RR0R Remix) 
Richard Harrington - Skylab (Joel Gershom Remix) 
Richard Harrington - Skylab (Original Mix) 
Ritmo, Talpa - The Unknown (Original Mix) 
Sacred 7 - Dawn (Extended Mix) 
Sacred 7 - Lotus (Extended Mix) 
Sacred 7 - Out Of Orbit (Extended Mix) 
Sali - No Comment (Extended Mix) 
Slam Duck - Fear Of The Unknown (Original Mix) 
Slam Duck - Weightless (Original Mix) 
Snowface - Sand Of Lies (Extended Mix) 
Sound Quelle - Djerba (Noequalgods 'Emerald Summer' Extended Remix) 
Spherical Bloom - Zion 2020 (Original Mix) 
Sundancer - Dacia (Original Mix) 
Tygris - Dark Sun (Extended Mix) 
Ucros - Amaretto (Extended Mix) 
Victor Special - One More Life (Gayax Remix) 
Victor Special - One More Life (OriginalMix) 
Victor Special - Shaman At The Gates Of Dawn (Original Mix) 
Vini Vici, Emok, Martin Vice, Off Limits - In & Out (Liquid Soul Remix) 
While True - Inside Out (Or Kopel Remix) 
Yenn - Without You (Original Mix) 
York, Diver & Ace - It's Not Over Now (Classical Mix) 
York, Diver & Ace - It's Not Over Now (Sunstroke Mix)