Flaremode, Audiosonik, Stephan Vegas - Please Myself (Extended Mix) 
Maurice Lessing - Underground (Extended Mix) 
KEVU, ANG - Treasure Bay (Extended Mix) 
Tim Hox - Insanis (Extended Mix) 
Quantum Theory - Fire (Extended Mix) 
Avigate, MOORAD - Get Higher (Extended Mix) 
Dropgun, Boba Sheshera - Try It Now (Extended Mix) 
Greg Dela - Good Kinda Bad (Extended Mix) 
Josh Charm - Dance For Me (Extended Mix) 
Justin Prime, Subliminals - Buena Vida (Club Mix) 
Will Sparks - Never Mind (Extended Mix) 
Danblast - Moving (Original Mix) 
Matroda - Forget It (Original Mix) 
No Thanks - High (Original Mix) 
No Thanks - Okay (Original Mix) 
Solardo, Rowetta - Enough (Extended Mix) 
Jax Jones, Au/Ra - I Miss U (John Summit Extended Remix) 
Faul & Wad, Pnau - Changes (Zonderling Extended Remix) 
Showtek, sonofsteve - Show Some Love (Extended Mix) 
Laidback Luke, Ally Brooke - Dance It Off (Extended Mix) 
Gryffin, Audrey Mika - Safe With Me (Extended Mix) 
Slamtype - Alarm (Original Mix) 
Slamtype - Show Me Your Power (Original Mix) 
Slamtype - Amen (Original Mix) 
Slamtype, ZINKO - Uzi (Original Mix) 
220 KID, JC Stewart - Too Many Nights (Dombresky Remix) 
Rad Cat, Gloria Kim - Diamond (Orginal Mix) 
Jessica Audiffred, Mila Falls - Emergency (Original Mix) 
Kaskade - Solid Ground (Original Mix) 
Pixel Terror, Protostar - Andromeda (Original Mix) 
Above & Beyond, Zoë Johnston - Love Is Not Enough (Hybrid Minds Remix) 
Above & Beyond, Zoë Johnston - Love Is Not Enough (Above & Beyond Extended Club Mix) 
Above & Beyond, Zoë Johnston - Love Is Not Enough (Extended Mix) 
ALPHA 9 - Stellar (Extended Mix) 
ALPHA 9 - Time Traveller (Extended Mix) 
ALPHA 9, Muvy - Friend (Extended Mix) 
Adrian Hour - Conga (Original Mix) 
Adrian Hour - Soul&Soul (Original Mix) 
AKELA, Otray - You Pull, I Push (Original Mix) 
Alex Helder - Can't Sleep (Original Mix) 
Alfonso Muchacho - Buy The Dip (Original Mix) 
Alfonso Muchacho - You Said Something (Original Mix) 
Alibi - Found You (Original Mix) 
Alibi, Fox - Mind & Soul (Original Mix) 
Allies For Everyone - Faux Love (Original Mix) 
Allies For Everyone - Through The Wall (D-Formation Remix) 
Allies For Everyone - Through The Wall (Original Mix) 
Amoss - GHCB (Original Mix) 
Amoss - Magnum Meal (Original Mix) 
Amoss - South Of The River (Original Mix) 
Amoss - Speed Shades (Grey Code Remix) 
Andrew & Lucian, Soundeux, LuxuFran - Money (Original Mix) 
Animal Trainer - Bohemian Mandalay (Original Mix) 
Animal Trainer - Le Flute (Original Mix) 
Auxwave - I Can Feel (Original Mix) 
Auxwave - Too Far Gone (Original Mix) 
AZERDK - Velho Oeste (Extended Mix) 
Baardman - Exposed Thoughts (Original Mix) 
Baardman - Lost Without Hope (Elusive Mind Remix) 
Baardman - Lost Without Hope (Justrice Remix) 
Baardman - Lost Without Hope (Original Mix) 
Basslovers United, Grrtz - Drippin' (Extended Mix) 
Becky Hill - Space (Solardo Remix) 
Beije - Inanna (Original Mix) 
Beije - Pacifica (Capoon Remix) 
Beije - Pacifica (Original Mix) 
Ben Snow - Out In The Streets (Voltage Remix) 
Big City - Malfunction (Original Mix) 
Big City, CNTRLLA - Push It (Original Mix) 
Big City, Vibe Emissions - Anotha One (Original Mix) 
Blotto - Flux (Original Mix) 
Boges, Salvo - For The Gram (Extended Mix) 
Borderland State - Ode (Extended Mix) 
Bredren, - Mechanica (Arkaik Remix) 
Bredren, Swift - Energy (Original Mix) 
Brody6 - Front Turrent (Original Mix) 
Carsten Halm - Mystik (Original Mix) 
Carsten Halm - Red Rock (Original Mix) 
Castelle, Keiynan Lonsdale - See You There (Original Mix) 
Cherry (UA) - Himera (Original Mix) 
Cherry (UA) - Mantra (Original Mix) 
Cherry (UA) - Pifia (Original Mix) 
Chris Malinchak - Pick You Up (Original Mix) 
Circle Of Life - Lpd (Haze-M Remix) 
Circle Of Life - Lpd (Original Mix) 
Circle Of Life - Lpd (Paul Anthonee In Treep Mix) 
Circle Of Life, Damiana - Nostalgija (Original Mix) 
Colour Castle, Ruby Turner - Heartbreaker (Extended Mix) 
Corrupt (UK) - Bacardi (Original Mix) 
D-Nox, Spuri - FRBS (Original Mix) 
D-Nox, Spuri - Orbital Signs (Original Mix) 
Dash Berlin - Souls Of The Ocean (Original Mix) 
Dave Till, Everex, Hegonz, Joegarratt - Next Time (Original Mix) 
DBL, I.GOT.U - Undercover (Extended Mix) 
Dee Montero - Bridges (Instrumental Mix) 
Dee Montero - Meridian (Original Mix) 
Dee Montero - Meridian (Patrice Baumel Remix) 
Dee Montero, Laura Freedland - Bridges (Vocal Mix) 
DJ Benz, Masterplus - Push It (Extended Mix) 
DJ Hoody - Booty Shake (Original Mix) 
DLR - NADS (Original Mix) 
DLR, Break - Hit The Target (Original Mix) 
D*Minds - Foundation (Original Mix) 
D*Minds - Rude Boy (Original Mix) 
D*Minds - Step (Original Mix) 
DSF - Attraction (Birds Of Mind Remix) 
DSF - Attraction (Original Mix) 
DSF - Lemonia (Nebula (AR) Remix) 
DSF - Lemonia (Original Mix) 
Dub Elements - Southern Heat (Original Mix) 
Eli Brown - Killer (Dub) 
Eli Brown - Killer (Miane Extended Remix) 
Eli Brown - Killer (Original Mix) 
Eli Brown - Killer (Radio Slave's Attack Ships On Fire Remix) 
Enamour - Reality Is Poison (Dance Spirit Remix) 
Enamour - Reality Is Poison (Original Mix) 
Enamour - Selva Machina (Original Mix) 
Enton Biba - Without You (Original Mix) 
Forty Cats - Boruta (Original Mix) 
Forty Cats - Elastic Sun (Original Mix) 
Forty Cats - Moscow To LA (Original Mix) 
Franky Klassen - Subconscious Mind (Extended Mix) 
Fred V - Apeldoorn Jamming (Original Mix) 
Fred V, Lottie Jones - Atmosphere (Original Mix) 
Freestylers - Happiness (Original Mix) 
Funtcase, Jkyl & Hyde - Transmission (Original Mix) 
Funtcase, Stoned Level - Wolfpack (Original Mix) 
Funtcase, Versa - Kill Confirmed (Original Mix) 
Funtcase, Yakz, Jus Rival - Bodying (Original Mix) 
Fuzzy Hair - This Is Not James B (Original Mix) 
Garcia - Find U (Extended Mix) 
Georvity, LGHTR - Stranger Things (Extended Mix) 
Gorgon City - Elizabeth Street (Extended Mix) 
Gorgon City - Grooves On The Vinyl (Extended Mix) 
Gorgon City - Roped In (Extended Mix) 
Gorgon City - Trapdoor (Extended Mix) 
Green Ketchup - Tomahawk (Original Mix) 
HateBerry, SEARS - Point Walker (Original Mix) 
Henry Saiz - Just A Mirage (Karmon Remix) 
Henry Saiz - Just A Mirage (Original Mix) 
HEXA - Delta (Original Mix) 
HEXA - War Cries (Original Mix) 
Hi Noise - Don't U (Original Mix) 
Hi Noise - Makes U See (Original Mix) 
HI-LO - Kronos (Drunken Kong Remix) 
HI-LO - Kronos (Extended Mix) 
HI-LO - Kronos (Sian Remix) 
Hicky & Kalo - Jasmine (Original Mix) 
Hicky & Kalo - Solstice (Original Mix) 
Hicky & Kalo - Tarde De Sentimiento (Original Mix) 
Huminal - Ecliptica (Original Mix) 
Huminal - Remove The Comfort Zone (Original Mix) 
Huminal - Restless Desire (Original Mix) 
INVŌKER (FR) - 1999 (Original Mix) 
INVŌKER (FR) - Drainer (DC Salas Remix) 
INVŌKER (FR) - Drainer (Original Mix) 
INVŌKER (FR) - Nami (Midnight) (Original Mix) 
James Monro - Another Weirdo (Original Mix) 
James Monro - Heat (Original Mix) 
James Monro - Injected With A Serum (Original Mix) 
James Monro - New Religion (Original Mix) 
James Monro - Sanctuary (Original Mix) 
jeonghyeon - I Feel Good (Original Mix) 
Jon Gurd - Lion (Leaving Laurel Extended Mix) 
Jon Gurd - The Dream (Max Cooper & Rob Clouth Extended Mix) 
Jon Gurd - Together (Tom Demac Extended Mix) 
Jove - Obscure Unknown (Original Mix) 
Kaelity - Fake (Original Mix) 
Kakha Tomadze - The Legend Is Back (Original Mix) 
Kanine, T-Man - All Goes Wrong (Original Mix) 
Kasra - I Dont Know What The Future Brings (Original Mix) 
Kasra, Slay - Let It Slide (Original Mix) 
Koriz - Summer Days (Extended Mix) 
Krripton, Martha Rush - Found The Light (Extended Mix) 
L Plus - LockDown (Original Mix) 
Leotrix - Tokyo Bounce (Original Mix) 
Lost + Found - So Into You (Original Mix) 
M-22, Lorne - Think About Us (90s Club Mix Extended) 
M-22, Lorne - Think About Us (Original Mix) 
Mads Gismerica - Error (Original Mix) 
MadTing - Let Me Tell You Something (Original Mix) 
Marc DePulse, Rafael Cerato - Capulet (Original Mix) 
Mastrovita - Polarity (Extended Mix) 
Mavra - Fall Apart (Original Mix) 
Mavra, Harumi - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix) 
Melo - Feel Better (Extended) 
Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey - Cultum (Baime Remix) 
Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey - Cultum (Original Mix) 
Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey - Cultum (Santiago Garcia Breaking Touch) 
Microwave Prince - Eternal Light (Martin Landsky Remix) 
Microwave Prince - Eternal Light (Remastered) 
Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Abyss Watchers (Original Mix) 
Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Body Count (Original Mix) 
Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Dead Cell (Original Mix) 
Midnight Tyrannosaurus - The Sorrow (Original Mix) 
Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Bueg - Swimming With Weasels (Original Mix) 
Mike Miami - Crashing Down (Extended Mix) 
MikeWave, Dropfire, Max Landry - The Truth (Original Mix) 
Miltreo - Move It (Extended Mix) 
Minor, Blak Trash - Nightmare (Chuurch Remix) 
Minor, Blak Trash - Nightmare (Diplomatt Remix) 
Minor, Blak Trash - Nightmare (Haelix Remix) 
Minor, Blak Trash - Nightmare (Original Mix) 
Minor, Blak Trash - Nightmare (UnFit Remix) 
Monroe, D.Clakes - Waiting (Extended Mix) 
Mozey - 2 Fat Ladies (Original Mix) 
MYXE, Get Looze - Got Milk! (Extended Mix) 
Nais - Check This Out (Original Mix) 
Nais - Ooh Nice (Original Mix) 
Nais - Testing Lab (Original Mix) 
Nari Rosla - I Know (Extended Mix) 
NGTY, Cally Rhodes - All Night (Original Mix) 
Nhii - Mangrove Swamp (Original Mix) 
Nhii - Medina (Original Mix) 
Nhii - Tsubaki (Namito Remix) 
Nhii - Tsubaki (Original Mix) 
Nicky Romero, SICK INDIVIDUALS, XIRA - Only For You (Bass Modulators Remix)