Andrea Ribeca - Sonance (Extended Mix) 
Suncatcher, Sensu - My Happy Place (Extended Mix) 
EDU - Twenty Twenty (Extended Mix) 
EDU - Twenty Twenty (Intro Mix) 
David Forbes, Susie Ledge - Silent Waves (Extended Mix) 
Dan Thompson, Solis & Sean Truby - The Path We Take (Extended Mix) 
Dirkie Coetzee - Ataraxia (Extended Mix) 
Aurosonic, Fenna Day - You'll Be Fine (Progressive Mix) 
Alessandra Roncone, Yoshi & Razner - Fight For Life (Extended Mix) 
Michael Fearon - Show Me Love (Extended Mix) 
Steve Allen, Trance Classics, Meredith Bull - The Love In Your Lies (Extended Mix) 
Kiyoi & Eky - Zie (Extended Mix) 
Omnia - Massive (Extended Mix) 
Roman Messer, Ahmed Helmy, Cari - Infinity (Extended Mix) 
Maarten De Jong - Energy Crash (Extended Mix) 
Evgeny Lebedev, Gordey Tsukanov - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Extended Mix) 
Kamelon - If I Awake (Extended Mix) 
Kamelon - Aerial (Extended Mix) 
Eximinds, Hypersia - Humanity (Extended Mix) 
Madwave - Iceberg (Extended Mix) 
Somna, Davey Asprey - Timewarp (Extended Mix) 
Eldream, Mark Wild - Remember Me (Extended Mix) 
Paipy - Vertigo (Extended Mix) 
Corydalics, Lyd14 - Silent Call (Extended Mix) 
Dan Stone - Back To You (Extended Mix) 
Benjamin Duchenne, Victoriya - I Don't Mind (Original Mix) 
Forces - Gravity (Original Mix) 
Forces - Gravity (Voolgarizm Remix) 
Floe - Perceptor (Original Mix) 
Cristoph - SFB (Original Mix) 
Adam Stark - Retreat (Extended Mix) 
AFTERUS - Multi 21 (Original Mix) 
Anden - Projections Part I (Extended Mix) 
Andres Selada - Valhalla (Original Mix) 
Andres Selada - Valhalla (Tech Mix) 
Arkam - Summer Love (Extended Mix) 
Basil O'Glue - Then Now (Extended Mix) 
Ben Nilsson - Flawless (Extended Mix) 
Borderland State - Ode (Extended Mix) 
Chapter 47 - Codex (Extended Mix) 
Che-Yung - Crescent Moon (Original Mix) 
Che-Yung - Wander (Original Mix) 
Christopher Corrigan - Stay With You (Dub Mix) 
Christopher Corrigan - Stay With You (Extended Mix) 
Corren Cavini - 1635 (Original Mix) 
Corren Cavini - Finding Fears (Original Mix) 
Dahnniel - Venjix (Extended Mix) 
Dank, Charlie White - Acid Slut (Original Mix) 
DJ Geri - Faster (Original Mix) 
djimboh - Imprints (Original Mix) 
djimboh - Orla (Original Mix) 
djimboh - Think You Are (Extended Mix) 
djimboh - Think You Are (Original Mix) 
Donna-Marie (NZ) - Hypnotise (Extended Mix) 
Donna-Marie (NZ) - I Know (Extended Mix) 
Driss Garbaui - Its Not A Goodbye My Dear (Original Mix) 
Ed Sanchez - In A Better Place (Original Mix) 
Emerge - Insight (Extended Mix) 
EMIOL - Synesthesia (Extended Mix) 
Emir Guven - Untold (Extended Mix) 
Estiva - Rush Hour (Extended Mix) 
Estuera - Umbra (Extended Mix) 
F Base - Human Nature (Original Mix) 
Forty Cats - Boruta (Original Mix) 
Forty Cats - Elastic Sun (Original Mix) 
Forty Cats - Moscow To LA (Original Mix) 
Frei - Scarlet (Original Mix) 
Frei - Winter (Original Mix) 
Gary Bolton - Nova (Original Mix) 
Gate 42 - Adversary (Original MIx) 
Gate 42 - Danger (Original MIx) 
Gelvetta - Resurrection (Original Mix) 
Gostanza - Namaste (Original Mix) 
Greg Downey - Jaws (Original Mix) 
Greg Downey - The Instigator (Original Mix) 
GXD, Elle Vee - Voices (Mainterm Extended Remix) 
Headsrolls - Reflection (Original Mix) 
Henry Caster - Tierra Blanca (Extended Mix) 
Henry Caster - Tierra Blanca (Ithur Remix) 
Hiromori Aso - Memories Of Summer (Original Mix) 
I.M.XPLODE - Futter Bingers (Extended Mix) 
Inferno Key - Heart Beating (Extended Mix) 
J Cannons - Break Free (Extended Mix) 
J Cannons - Dopamine (Extended Mix) 
Jacob Kliuiev - Ars Longa (Original Mix) 
Jay Turio - Asphalt (Original Mix) 
Jaytech - Midnight Sonora (Extended Mix) 
Jaytech - Vortex (Extended Mix) 
Karney - Beg Your Pardon (Loco & Jam Remix) 
Katrik, Evebe - Drama (Original Mix) 
KBK - Don't Wake Me (Extended Mix) 
Kosmonova - Going Down (Psycos Remix) 
Luke Larssen - Chasing Thoughts (Original Mix) 
Mark Wild, Eldream - Evolution (Tycoos Remix) 
Matt Mancid - Ad Astra (Original MIx) 
Matt Mancid - Ad Astra (Vaali Remix) 
Matthew Duncan - Cloudburst (Eklorian Remix) 
Matthew Duncan - Cloudburst (Extended Mix) 
Nakhiya - Avalonia (Edplacid Patino Remix) 
Nakhiya - Avalonia (Original Mix) 
Nicola Maddaloni - Dream On, Little Boy (Sergey Salekhov Remix) 
Nuestro - Cochise (Extended Mix) 
Ozo Effy - Future (Original MIx) 
Psycos - After The Sinking (Extended Mix) 
Psycos - After The Sinking (Speed DJ Remix) 
Puresoul - Heaven Within Us (Euphoric Heart Remix) 
Puresoul - Heaven Within Us (Original Mix) 
Puresoul - Heaven Within Us (Terra V. Remix) 
Rafael Osmo - Music On World Off (Extended) 
Rayd8 - Immunity (Extended Mix) 
Reiklavik - Change (Extended Mix) 
Roger Shah, Jukebox 80s - Daytona (Extended Mix) 
Roger Shah, Jukebox 80s - Firebird (Extended Mix) 
Ruslan Radriges, Aelyn - Waiting For You (Extended Mix) 
Sajjad Gholipour - Homeland (Original Mix) 
Sajjad Gholipour - Homeland (Tim Iron Remix) 
Sam Readow - Arcturus (Original Mix) 
Scott Doe - Temple Of Lost Souls (Original MIx) 
Stan Kolev - Rainbow Warriors (Original Mix) 
Steve Jetric - 1000 Angels (Extended Mix) 
Sunnteck - My Way (Original Mix) 
Syafiq Hakim - Dark Raven (Extended Mix) 
Terry Golden - LIA (Original Mix) 
Vaali - Aura (Original Mix) 
Vaali - Lost (Original MIx) 
Vincent Price - Voice Of Tara (Extended Mix) 
Vortex 49 - Pisces (Extended Mix) 
Vortex 49 - Sound Island (Extended Mix) 
WhiteLight - Kingdom Of Illusions (Extended Mix) 
Xpectra - Alone In The Dark (Extended Mix)