Smith & Brown - Phobos (Extended Mix) 
Vision X, Impulse Wave - The Juggernaut (Extended Mix) 
Misja Helsloot - Lepidopterist (Extended Mix) 
Daxstar - Deprovation (Extended Mix) 
1st In Line - The Arrival (Extended Mix) 
Melvin Sheppard, Liz Wigley - Hypnotic State (Extended Mix) 
Neil Hunter - Gratitude (Extended Mix) 
F.G. Noise - Battleship (Extended Mix) 
Kenny Palmer - Blade's Edge (Extended Mix) 
Martin Libsen - Epsilon Eridani (Extended Mix) 
Dizmaster - The Shadow (Extended Mix) 
PITTARIUS CODE, Emma Lock - Liebe Dich (Original Mix) 
Matt Chavez - Run Away (Get Lost With Me) (Original Mix) 
Duncan Newell, DJ Abouzar - Lost In Mind (Original Mix) 
Alexander Popov, M11, Will Church - Hold Back (Mhammed El Alami Extended Remix) 
Alexander Popov, M11, Will Church - Hold Back (Extended Club Mix) 
AMNOR - The Park (Original Mix) 
Adam Francis - Constellations Of Space (Original Mix) 
Adam Francis - Summer Sunset (Original Mix) 
Andrew Mirt, Sergey Salekhov - Interplay (Extended Mix) 
Avar Garden - Oopart (Animal Picnic Remix) 
Avar Garden - Oopart (Original Mix) 
Avar Garden - Spirits (Carsten Halm Remix) 
Avar Garden - Spirits (Original Mix) 
Ben Van Gosh - Feel Free (Original Mix) 
DJ Geri - Delhi (Original Mix) 
DJ Geri - Lift (Joe Meils Remix) 
Felix R - Lust (Extended Mix) 
Final Flight - Neptune (Extended Mix) 
Furkan Senol - Decided (Original Mix) 
Furkan Senol, Noctavation - Waiting For You (Instrumental Edit) 
Furkan Senol, Noctavation - Waiting For You (Original Mix) 
GRAZZE, Rauschhaus - Canacona (Original Mix) 
GRAZZE, Rauschhaus - Panaji (Original Mix) 
Guillermo Sierra - Adagio (Original Mix) 
Headsrolls - Aorus (Extended Mix) 
Ismael First - Sahara (Original Mix) 
Jordan Gill - Ace (Original Mix) 
Jordan Gill - Controversy (Cowlam Remix) 
Jordan Gill - Controversy (Original Mix) 
Julian Nates - Blue Train (Original Mix) 
Julian Nates - Suppose (Original Mix) 
KeyWork - You (Original Mix) 
Kross & Fader - Piedmont's Hills (Original Mix) 
Lethal Key - Vertigo (Original Mix) 
Manu Soto - Cloud (Original Mix) 
Manu Soto - Sky (Original Mix) 
Naden - Undulatus (Atti Master Remix) 
Naden - Undulatus (Bangsøe Remix) 
Naden - Undulatus (Kappo Ccino Remix) 
Nico Otten - Spirits (Original Mix) 
Nox Vahn - Brainwasher (Enamour's Extended Modular Lobotomy Mix) 
Nox Vahn - Brainwasher (Extended Mix) 
Nox Vahn - Brainwasher (Warung Extended Mix) 
Numedian, Nygma - New Dawn (AltReal Remix) 
Numedian, Nygma - New Dawn (Cullera Remix) 
Numedian, Nygma - New Dawn (Original Mix) 
Precious Affliction - Falker (Extended Mix) 
Rank 1 - Airwave (Steve Allen Rework) 
Rinat Latif - Badawi (Original Mix) 
Rinat Latif - Shaabiyah (Original Mix) 
Seegy - My Reflection (Extended Mix) 
Seegy - My Reflection (Make One Dark Side Extended Remix) 
Synthetic Fantasy - Evening Star (Original Mix) 
Synthetic Fantasy - Lord Of The Last Day (Original Mix) 
TrancEye - Happy Days (Original Mix) 
U-Mount - Time To Remember (Gayax Remix) 
U-Mount - Time To Remember (Original Mix) 
Wacko & Leedman - Elysium (Original Mix) 
Wacko & Leedman - Zadeh (Original Mix)