Adrian Hour - Shoot To Thrill (Extended Mix)
Andre Sobota - Absolute (Extended Mix)
Bordertown - Yucatan (Extended Mix)
Catchment - Bring You Out (Extended Mix)
D-Formation, Solarc - In Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Da Fresh - Party Groovin' (Extended Mix)
Deep City Groove - Never Left You Alone (Extended Mix)
DEL-30 - Pacmandem (Extended Mix)
DJ Lora - Cats On Mars (Extended Mix)
DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha - This Groove (Extended Mix)
Ed Brumwell - Calling you (Extended Mix)
Federico Scavo - Acrobat (Extended Mix)
Gaga, Hellomonkey - Red Code (Extended Mix)
Groovebox - Jano (Extended Mix)
Hanns - Kickdrum (Extended Mix)
Harry Romero, Alex Fioretti - Think Outside The Box (Extended Mix)
Hosse - Soul Brothers (Extended Mix)
Jamie K, Giddy - Barrage (Extended Mix)
Jason Chance, Kevin Andrews - Krin (Extended Mix)
Jay C, Lello Mascolo - Metropolis (Extended Mix)
John Moss - Mystic (Ritmo Extended Dub)
Lauer, Canard, Greg Note - Dup Dup (Extended Mix)
Lojak - Sooma (Extended Mix)
Loko - Super Villano (Extended Dub Mix)
Mario Ochoa - La Corriente (Extended Mix)
Masch+Yuko, Doug Lazy - I Get Bigger (Extended Mix)
Matt & Kendo - Pressure (Extended Mix)
Matt Smallwood - How Does It Feel (Extended Mix)
Mattew Jay - Purple Sense (Extended Mix)
Mike Vale - Elements (Extended Mix)
Montenegro - Boomerang (Extended Mix)
Mr. Kavalicious - My Way (Extended Mix)
Muzzaik - Won't Let You Go (Extended Mix)
My Digital Enemy - Change (Extended Mix)
No Requests - Monsters (Extended Mix)
Oliver Lang - Champion (Extended Mix)
Optimuss, Teknoize - Hour Leads (Extended Mix)
PAX - Leftfield (Extended Mix)
Pete & The Fox - Over There (Extended Mix)
Phunk Investigation, Groovetonic - Hurry Up (Extended Mix)
Prok & Fitch, Filthy Rich - Murmur (Extended Mix)
Rene Amesz, Jasper Clash - Phatty (Extended Mix)
S.K.A.M. - The Doors (Extended Mix)
Saccao, Tape The Disco - Bad Horse (Extended Mix)
Sergio Fernandez - Into The Groove (Extended Mix)
Sluggers - MS-DOS (Extended Mix)
Stefano Kosa - Feel It (Extended Mix)
Stonez, Namazi - Zambezi (Extended Mix)
Ten Story - Remote Problems (Extended Mix)
The Golden Boy - Our Love (Extended Mix)