Adapter - Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix)
Alaia & Gallo - Syloo (Extended Mix)
Alex Preston - Love You Better (Extended Mix)
Amine Edge & DANCE, Clyde P - Saturation (Extended Mix)
Angel Heredia - Funkea Me (Extended Mix)
Anthony Attalla - Don't Stop (Extended Mix)
Aternity - Strong (Extended Mix)
Bajau, Because Of Art - Deeper Water (Extended Mix)
Brokenears - C'mon (Extended Mix)
Canard - Camp Fire (Extended Mix)
Capa (Official), Nathan Ball - Necessary Evil (Extended Mix)
Cheyne Christian - The Story Of Latin Music (Extended Mix)
Corren Cavini, YSA - Wreck My Head (Extended Mix)
Danny Howard, Eli & Fur - Next To Me (Extended Mix)
Dario D'Attis, Shyam P - Devil In My Blood (Extended Mix)
David Jackson - Oohhyyee (Extended Mix)
DEMOU - Sing Your Praises (Shermanology Extended Mix)
DJ PP - The Club (Extended Mix)
Dombresky, Camden Cox - Do You Remember (Extended Mix)
Ekoboy - Back Door (Extended Mix)
Ellis Moss - The Shake (Extended Mix)
Essel - Runnin (Extended Mix)
Federico Ambrosi - Your Skin (Extended Mix)
Federico Scavo - Watchin' Out (Extended Mix)
Flashmob - Closer (Extended Mix)
Francisco Allendes - Roulette (Extended Mix)
Friend Within, A-Trak - Know Each Other (Extended Mix)
Galestian - Berlin (Extended Mix)
Goom Gum, DJ Pressing - Banabantu (Extended Mix)
GotSome, George Kwali - In The Dark (Extended Mix)
GRAZZE, Diana Miro - Molecules (Extended Mix)
Hatiras, Vincent Caira - It's All Right (Extended Mix)
HowTru - How I House (Extended Mix)
Iglesias - Mr Big (Extended Mix)
Jaded - All I Need (Extended Mix)
James Hurr - She Knows What She's Doing (Extended Mix)
Jay De Lys - Peek (Extended Mix)
KC Lights, Leo Stannard - Cold Light (Extended Mix)
KI Creighton - Discotech (Extended Mix)
Kideko - Cubanito (Extended Mix)
Kormak, Jinadu - Look To Me (Extended Mix)
Kryder, Mark Roma - Pleasure Or Pain (Extended Mix)
LEFTI, Calo Vance, Neysa - Free (Extended Mix)
Leftwing : Kody - Keep Pushin' On (Ben Cheel Extended Mix)
Martin Badder - So Close (Extended Mix)
Martin Ikin, Chenai - You (Extended Dub Mix)
Mason Collective - The Light Is Changing (Extended Mix)
Maur, Roobinz, Faber - Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix)
Max Styler, LA Riots, BRUX - Run (Extended Mix)
Maxinne, Lauren L'aimant - Tell Me Something (Extended Mix)
Mele - Groove La Afrika (Extended Mix)
Miane - You Belong To Me (Extended Mix)
Mona Vale - Maasai (Extended Mix)
Monkeye - Shake It Up (Extended Mix)
Ninetoes - Let U Go (Extended Mix)
Paige, Nihil Young, Lauren L'aimant - Secrets (Extended Mix)
Paige, Nihil Young, MAYLYN - Love You Or Don't (Extended Mix)
Phonix, SJ Johnson - Believe In You (Extended Mix)
Pirate Copy, Rowetta - Flashback (Extended Mix)
Rauschhaus, Peer Kusiv - Mesopotamia (Extended Mix)
Richard Ulh - Powa (Extended Mix)
RSquared, Ben Cheel - Dance (Extended Mix)
Simon Kidzoo, Elliot Fitch - The Reason (Extended Mix)
Sllash & Doppe - Hooked On You (Extended Mix)
Sllash & Doppe - Off My Mind (Extended Mix)
Sorley - Face (Extended Mix)
Technasia - Bring It Back (Extended Mix)
Tom Zeta - Heist (Extended Mix)
Wankelmut, Anna Leyne - Free At Last (Extended Mix)