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Steve Angello, Saturday, Monday, Julia Spada - The Ocean (Still Young & BRØMANCE Extended Remix)
Carola - Back To The Old School (Extended Mix)
Dark Heart - Dust (Extended Mix)
Jay Eskar - Rhythm Of The Universe (Extended Mix)
TS7 - Conquest (Extended Mix)
OMBRO, LexBlaze - With The Boys (Extended Mix)
Don Diablo - Let Me Love You (Club Mix)
Patrick Moreno, Starjack - Storm (Extended Mix)
Azetune, Verox - Reality (Extended Mix)
Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) (DJ Tennis Extended Mix)
Matt Fax - Beyond Belief (Extended Mix)
Estiva - Via Infinita (Marsh Extended Remix)
Lost Witness, Brïah - Last Call (Extended Mix)
Cash Cash, Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart (Extended Mix)
Mahmut Orhan, Botan Beyaz - Backwards (Original Mix)
Naizon, Avensis - Girls (Extended)
Dombresky - Too Soon (Extended)
Odd Mob, OMNOM - Losing Control (Extended Mix)
Edd - before. (Extended Mix)
Max Styler - Speaker Freaker (Extended Mix)
Marc Ross - Mambo (Extended Mix)
Toyzz - Radikal (Extended Mix)
Local Singles - Focus (Extended Mix)
SUBSHIFT, Cave Studio - Bumpin' (Extended Mix)
Volac - Come Back (Extended Mix)
2Whales - Sand Storm (Original Mix)
2Whales, Mizo - Rafting (Original Mix)
Akron - Second Chance (Original Mix)
Ammo Avenue - Rambo (Original Mix)
Ammo Avenue - Shifter (Original Mix)
ANGEL DIOR, BLOND:ISH, Malone - AIO (Original Mix)
Angel Heredia, Jerome Robins - Say It Right (Extended Mix)
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Prospa Remix DJ Edit)
Axel Boy, Birthdayy Partyy - 1978 (Original Mix)
Axel Paerel - Makeba (Extended Mix)
Axel Paerel - Makeba (MOTi Remix) (Extended Mix)
Better Than Lex, Kai Feng - Friday Feeling (Extended Mix)
Buunshin, Posij - i just 1 2 (Original Mix)
Chamberlain - My House (Original Mix)
ChangedFaces, Anthony Brady - False Hope (Extended Mix)
ChangedFaces, Anthony Brady - False Hope (Two Are Extended Remix)
Ciclo - Burn In Paradise (Original Mix)
Clarcq - AIR 04 (Original Mix)
Clarcq - NEED U (Original Mix)
Clér Letiv - Heartbreaker (Extended Mix)
Clér Letiv - Violent Love (Extended Mix)
Cuvurs - ASAP (Original Mix)
Cuvurs - Dirty (Original Mix)
Cuvurs - Falling (Original Mix)
Cuvurs - Psycho (Original Mix)
Dark Cities - Analogue (Extended Mix)
Dark Cities - Echoes (Extended Mix)
Disco Gurls - Come With Us (Club Mix)
Disco Gurls - FamilyGhost (Club Mix)
Disco Gurls - Getting To You (Club Mix)
Disco Gurls - I Can't Have U (Extended Mix)
Disco Gurls - Let Me Go (Club Mix)
Dr. Fresch - Certified (Original Mix)
Drey Kinian - Babe Work (Original Mix)
Drey Kinian - Fire Lover (Original Mix)
Drey Kinian - Think, Do (Original Mix)
Eater - Chamber (Original Mix)
EdOne - Everything Is A Lie (Original Mix)
EdOne - Oh Men (Extended Mix)
Ekwols - Drowning (Original Mix)
Eli Bury - Forces (Original Mix)
Fatman D, DJ Limited - Armageddon (Original Mix)
Fatman D, Ozone - Flat To The Trap (Original Mix)
Fatman D, Puppetz - Mind Over Matter (Original Mix)
Ferice - Take Time (Original Mix)
FREAK ON - Be Mine (Original Mix)
Fur Coat, Final Request - Unmasked (Original Mix)
GhostMasters - Beat Is Mine (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - Funky Jack (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - Get Up Stand Up (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - Hipnotik Groove (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - Over The World (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - That Blame (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - The Machine (Club Mix)
GhostMasters - Your Way (Club Mix)
Groovejet - Reminded (Original Mix)
Heren, Julio Navas - Very Exclusive (Extended Mix)
Hightech - Decoherence (Original Mix)
Hightech - Fortress (Original Mix)
Hightech - Mashine (Original Mix)
Hightech - Pussyface (Original Mix)
Hightech - You-Me (Original Mix)
Ibranovski - Mojada (Extended Mix)
Ibranovski - Something Alright (Extended Mix)
intouch - Fighting Inside (Original Mix)
Jack Matter - Just Say My Name (Original Mix)
Javi Reina, Jesus Fernandez - No Termina (Extended Mix)
Jholeyson, The Sahoo Conection - FUX (Extended Mix)
JINGBY, Emma Castellino, Zach Fox - Another Life (Amél Remix / Extended Mix)
JOHNJOSÉ, DJ Mess - SAMBA (Extended Mix)
Jolliffe, Liam Bailey - Love In Here (Original Mix)
Jordan John - Power Steps (Extended Version)
Jordan John - Stay Up (Extended Version)
Kanetaker - Chaos (Original Mix)
Kings Of The Rollers - Original Bad Boy (Original Mix)
Kliptic - Breach (Original Mix)
Makoto, Polaris - Kinetic (Original Mix)
Mark Di Meo, Mathieu Ruz, Diana Delgado - Agua Bendita (Extended Version)
Mark Hoffen - Sea Of Voices (Extended Version)
MarksMan, Innessa Kuz - Late Night Thoughts (Approximate Extended Remix)
MarksMan, Innessa Kuz - Late Night Thoughts (Extended Mix)
MarksMan, Innessa Kuz - Late Night Thoughts (Lukysh Remix)
Martina Budde, Riccardo Fiori - That's The Way (Extended Mix)
MELOPHANTS - Fly Away (Children Of Our Stars Remix)
MELOPHANTS - Fly Away (dan_g Remix)
MELOPHANTS - Fly Away (Extended Mix)
Mene - Roll Over (Original Mix)
Mene - Rummble (Original Mix)
Milk Bar, OUT TO LUNCH, Damon C. Scott - Back Then (Extended Mix)
MNK4 - A$$ (Extended)
MOLØ - Ano (Original Mix)
MOLØ - Nani (Original Mix)
N2N - Play (Extended Mix)
Øneheart, Kazukii - haunted (Original Mix)
Pasquale Caracciolo - In To The Space (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons - Feel Like Dancin (Original Mix)
Pavlo Vicci, Albwho - I'm Ok, I'm Good (Extended Mix)
Pointcloud - Call Of The Formant (Extended Mix)
Pythius, Black Sun Empire - Doctrine (Original Mix)
Qoobwave - Lost (Extended Mix)
Qoobwave - Misercordia (Extended Mix)
Qoobwave - Siren Song (Extended Mix)
REAPER, Calivania - BLACK FIRES (Original Mix)
REAPER, Josh Rubin - MONSTER (Original Mix)
Rebel Scum - Do Not Resist (Original Mix)
Red Pal - Driving Rough (Original Mix)
Red Pal - Let's Date Around (Original Mix)
Red Pal - Moving Mad (Original Mix)
Red Pal - U N I (Original Mix)
S Dog, Toddla T - B22s (Original Mix)
S Dog, Toddla T - Bradford Badboy (Original Mix)
S Dog, Toddla T - Brighter Days (Original Mix)
S Dog, Toddla T - White Toes (Original Mix)
S Dog, Toddla T, DJ Q, Unique 3 - On Heat (Original Mix)
S.P.Y - Complicated (Original Mix)
S.P.Y - Insidious (Original Mix)
S.P.Y - Set Me Free (Original Mix)
S.P.Y - Source Code (Original Mix)
Sassy B - Set Your Mind Free (Angelo Ferreri Extended Remix)
Sassy B - Set Your Mind Free (Extended Mix)
Scott Shima - Ain't No Party (Original Mix)
Shad Jaxon, FunkSoul Brothers - Baby Baby (Original Mix)
Shaded (LA) - Jack Yo Body (Original Mix)
Shdws (US), Noises - Pressure (Original Mix)
Sinca, Wassu - Made Up (Extended Mix)
SØNATA - TRUST U (Original Mix)
Sub001 - Diwata (Original Mix)
Supersavage - Rhythm Night (Sunset Mix)
Survey - Allusion (Original Mix)
Survey - Charge (Original Mix)
Survey - Implication (Original Mix)
Survey, PRTCL - Figure Of Speech (Original Mix)
Sweetpea - Blue Beam (Original Mix)
Sweetpea - Rapture (Original Mix)
Taylor Pierce, Sonny Olivera - Baby Girl (Original Mix)
Terri-Anne - Ruler Of My Mind (Extended Mix)
True School Players, Harry Romero, Doc Martin, Joeski - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)
TRYPBOX, Annick Nicoli - Outta Time (Original Mix)
TRYPBOX, Chiko - New World (Original Mix)
TRYPBOX, Jerré - My Mind (Original Mix)
Whenuknow - Watch This (Original Mix)
yanvince - fearless (Original Mix)