Trance - Progressive House - Melodic House & Techno - Electronica - 130 HQ Tracks


Super8 & Tab, LÜRUM, LYCA - Hold The Fire (Extended Mix)
C-Systems, Aina - Take Me Home (Extended Mix)
Chakra - I Am (Paul Denton Extended Remix)
Artento Divini, Hit The Bass - Rave The Future (Extended Mix)
Above & Beyond, OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Extended Mix)
Roger Shah, Rene Ablaze - Ab Aeterno (Extended Mix)
David Forbes - Is It Trance? (Extended Mix)
Liam Melly, Code2, Chelsea Holland - Run (Extended Mix)
Liam Melly, Code2, Chelsea Holland - Run (Acoustic Mix)
Joe Davies - Berserk (Extended Mix)
Joe Davies - Berserk (Extended Breaks Mix)
BT, Christian Burns - Save Me (John Askew Extended Remix)
Sam Allan, Émilie Rachel - Unbreakable (Extended Mix)
Maratone - All You Want (Extended Mix)
Fonzerelli - Don't Look Back (Extended Mix)
Phillip Castle, EMATA - Ethereal (Extended Mix)
Luminn, Roxanne Emery - In The Silence (Rinaly Extended Remix)
Alan Morris, Elixus - Impossible (Extended Mix)
Natalie Gioia, Dan Thompson - Be In Love (Ryan K Extended Remix)
Cenk Basaran - Coming From Paradise (Extended Mix)
Protoculture - Starfield (Extended Mix)
Dalmoori, Kaselia - Wilderness (Extended Mix)
Ed Sánchez, Maq, Maxine - Under The Sun (AFTERUS Extended Mix)
Hanna Finsen, Raz Nitzan - Something Special To Give (Extended Mix)
Nitrous Oxide, Katie Marne - Stay (Extended Club Mix)
Kudus - Formula (Extended Mix)
H.M.B.L - Rain Love (Extended Mix)
Allende - Fading Light (Original Mix)
Chris Connolly - Aurelion (Extended Mix)
Rafael Osmo - Wheels Of Time (Original Mix)
Paul Van Dyk, Saad Ayub, Elevation - Ouverture (Extended)
DANCCER - Prisoner (Extended)
Abstract Vision, Victor F. - More Than Machine (Extended Mix)
Alex Merk - Ephemeral Reality (Extended Mix)
Amirali - Deep Inside (Eelke Kleijn Deep Inside The '90s Extended Remix)
Andrew Kochetov - Epos (Extended Mix)
Andrew Mirt, Djoy, Sergey Salekhov - Bentula (Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel, Tensteps - Let Me Love You (Extended Mix)
Andy Nold - The Place (Extended Mix)
Angels&Tilove - Chasing The Stars (Extended Mix)
Anto Cortez - One Destination (Original Mix)
Anton By - My Way (Extended Mix)
AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine (Original Mix)
B.R.K. - El Dia De La Bestia (Original Mix)
Baz Za - Colorist (Extended Mix)
Ben Starmore - Eastern Nights (Extended Mix)
Bound To Divide - Stay (Extended Mix)
Bowers & Bidwell - Falling (Extended Mix)
Boxer, RYTERBAND - Oceans (Extended Mix)
Bryn Whiting - We Are Home (Extended Mix)
CEAUS, Andy's Echo - Awakening (Extended Mix)
CEAUS, Andy's Echo - Nomad (Extended Mix)
Chris M, Jason Gray - Euphoria (Extended Mix)
Damian Wasse - Giza Opening (Extended Mix)
Damus, Lyd14 - Una Tantum Vita (Extended Mix)
Daniel Seabra, Casper Nederhoff - Elatio (Extended Mix)
Dave Aldana - 85th Street (Original Mix)
Dave Aldana - Hollow (Original Mix)
Davey Asprey - Catch (Extended Mix)
Db Mokk, Fabio Franco, Fabio Solazzo - Collider (Extended Mix)
DJ Miho - Sound Of Silence (Original Mix)
DJ T.H., Cyre - Cala Tarida (Extended Mix)
DJ-Elven, D-Myo - Beautiful Life (Extended Edit)
Enamour - Brush The Dust Off Your Soul (Extended Mix)
Enamour - The Quieter You Are (Extended Mix)
Enamour, Run Rivers - Crystallized (Extended Mix)
Enlusion, Introspecto - Stormchaser (Original Mix)
Epidemika - Fragile (Extended Mix)
Eugenio Tokarev - Colours (Extended Mix)
Farves, Catching Shapes, ArkAngel - Lines (Kozua Extended Remix)
Frank Dueffel - Valletta (Extended Mix)
GiBoss - Higher (Original Mix)
Han Beukers - Nebula (Extended Mix)
Indecent Noise - JK Is Dead (Extended Mix)
Indigo Starlight - Can You Hear Me (Extended Mix)
Invisible Signs - Hidden In The Mountains (Original Mix)
Johan Gielen, Arkayne - Save Face (Club Mix)
Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno (Extended Mix)
Kiholm - Interstellar (Extended Mix)
Kyau & Albert, Thomas Lizzara - Rebalance (Extended Mix)
Levitate - Camino (Extended Mix)
Magnettor, Ren Faye - Open Arms (Extended Mix)
Mark Van Rijswijk - Laguna (Extended Mix)
Matt Dylan - Vitality (Extended Mix)
Mehran Vedadi, Irina FOX - I Will Survive (Intro Mix)
Mehran Vedadi, Irina FOX - I Will Survive (Original Mix)
Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Extended Mix)
Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Intro Mix)
Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Original Mix)
Misha Vorobjev - Anima (Piano Mix)
Morgin Madison, Ryan Lucian, Jas. - Tell Me Who You Are (Extended Mix)
N-sKing - Gentian (Extended Mix)
N-sKing - Mirage Of Nightmare (DJ Tranceair Extended Remix)
Nihil Young - Ultima (Extended Mix)
Nihil Young, Adam Nazar - Pardes (Extended Mix)
Nikos Geladis - Darkness Surrender (Extended Mix)
Nuta Cookier - Acubens Star (Original Mix)
Nuta Cookier - Uranos (Basscontroll Remix)
Nuta Cookier - Uranos (David Aarz Remix)
Nuta Cookier - Uranos (M.I.K.E. PUSH Back2Basics Remix)
Nuta Cookier - Uranos (SANNA-C Remix)
NyTiGen, Trance Reserve - Ecstasy (Extended Mix)
Open Visor - Ready To Fly (Extended Mix)
Passive Progressive, Oats - Dreaming (Extended Mix)
Paul (AR) - Can't Escape (Extended Mix)
Paul Fletcher - Again (Extended Mix)
Paul Skelton - Impromptu In C Minor (Extended Mix)
Paul Sure - Guitar Hero (Extended Mix)
Renegade System - In My Life (Extended Mix)
Revolution 9 - Remember (Extended Mix)
Rick Pier O'Neil - I Found Myself (Original Mix)
Ross Rayer - With You (Extended Mix)
Semblance Smile - With You (Original Mix)
Semper T. - Absent Smile (Original Mix)
Simply Drew - Radiance (Extended Mix)
Sinful Biz - Magnetic (Extended Mix)
Snow Flakes - Home (Extended Mix)
Soundtoys - Somewhere (Original Mix)
Soundtoys - Sunset In Bali (Original Mix)
Soundtoys - Themis (Original Mix)
Speed DJ, WINTERBORN - Antares (Extended Mix)
Sunda - Mirage (Julian Del Agranda Extended Remix)
Talla 2xlc, Airwalk3r - My Best Decision (Extended Mix)
Talla 2xlc, RRAW! - Just Breathe (Extended Mix)
Temple One - Pacific Palisades (Extended Mix)
The JacKMan - Travelers (Original Mix)
Vinny DeGeorge - Paradiso (Extended Mix)
Volaris - Close To You (Extended Mix)
Yusef Kifah, Lab4, Shock:Force - Champaigne (Extended Mix)
Yves Larock, Oomloud - Mesmerize (Extended Mix)