Kevin Corral, Brandon Caballero - Rave Emotions (Original Mix)
Kevin Corral, Brandon Caballero - Stay (Original Mix)
Proudly People - Jam's Groove (Original Mix)
Cave Studio, Makla - Trip Out (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us - Oh Yes! (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us - True Feelings (Original Mix)
Local Singles - Love Letter To Layla (Original Mix)
Quarterhead - Juice (Extended Mix)
Deeperlove - Say My Name (Extended Mix)
Amy Lauren, Blank Sense - Take A Chance (Extended Mix)
Dots Per Inch - Starts (Extended Mix)
Nicole Fiallo, Jere Doyen - Turn It Out (Extended Mix)
Kai Shibata - Used To (Extended Mix)
3than - Leaving (Extended Mix)
James Silk - To The Beat (Extended Mix)
James Silk - Kinda Slow (Original Mix)
Santi Dominguez - Hold Me (Original Mix)
Santi Dominguez - To The Back (Original Mix)
Damian Cordero - Start The Game (Original Mix)
Damian Cordero - I Want (Original Mix)
Damian Cordero - Shout In English (Original Mix)
Giannis - Paradise (Original Mix)
Giannis - Party Started (Original Mix)
Danny Snowden - Howe Rey (Original Mix)
Danny Snowden - Girl In The Red Dress (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Feelin (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Rows Of Song (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Rows Of Song (F.eht Remix)
Dilby - Darkest Night (Original Mix)
Dilby - Sensei (Original Mix)
Anzu - Afterthought (Original Mix)
Anzu - Together Again (Original Mix)
Baasmal, Constratti - Samaka (Crescent Remix)
Baasmal, Constratti - Samaka (Original Mix)
Baasmal, Constratti - Spotlight (Original Mix)
Baasmal, Constratti - Spotlight (Zlatnichi Remix)
Bass Hyte - Chorito De Día (Andres Garcia (CL) Mix)
Bass Hyte - Chorito De Día (Original Mix)
Bass Hyte - Chorito De Día (Pancho Galvez Remix)
Birds In The Basement - Stroke The Bird (Original Mix)
Bradley Skeng - Bicep Curl (Original Mix)
Bradley Skeng - Dig Down Deep (Original Mix)
Briann Eivissa - Data House (Original Mix)
Briann Eivissa - The Witch (Original Mix)
Bruno Brugnoli - Zima Blue (Lessum Remix)
Bruno Brugnoli - Zima Blue (Original Mix)
Charles Fifth - Dancing Loops (Andy Peimbert Remix)
Charles Fifth - Dancing Loops (Original Mix)
Charles Fifth - Music For Robots (Bulûc Remix)
Charles Fifth - Music For Robots (Original Mix)
Colorsick - Сomplicated (Original Mix)
Demarkus Lewis - Come Find Me (Dub)
Demarkus Lewis - Come Find Me (Main Mix)
HAAK. - Back (Original Mix)
HAAK. - HUP (Original Mix)
HAAK. - Pummel (Original Mix)
James Valenti - Groovin Time (Original Mix)
JAYREEH - All Night (Original Mix)
JAYREEH - Libertad (Original Mix)
Mathew F - Acid Squad (Original Mix)
Mathew F - Haha (Original Mix)
Mathew F - Sexy Trip (Original Mix)
Michael Anthony - No Games (Original Mix)
Mihail Kormos - Doesn't Matter (Original Mix)
Mihail Kormos - Groove (Original Mix)
Mihail Kormos - You Got (Original Mix)
Pedro Floriani - B Mind (Original Mix)
Pedro Floriani - For All People (Original Mix)
Pedro Floriani - For Some (Original Mix)
Robert Kuo - Favela (Original Mix)
Robert Kuo - Wadala (Original Mix)
Ron Reeser - Another Day (Extended Mix)
Ron Reeser - Bad Bitch (Extended Mix)
Ron Reeser - Slow Motion (Extended Mix)
Sohz - I Was Like (Original Mix)
Sohz - The Key (Original Mix)
Terrain - Shovin (Original Mix)
Vincent Caira - The Game (Original Mix)
Vito Beto, Victor Romero - Rewind (Original Mix)