Trance - Progressive House - Melodic House & Techno - Electronica - 140 HQ Tracks


Metta & Glyde - Petrichor (Original Mix)
Peetu S - Stay With Me (Extended Mix)
Talla 2xlc, Gid Sedgwick - Forever Young (Extended Mix)
Jordan Suckley - Warp Speed (Liam Wilson & The Technicians Extended Remix)
Craig Connelly - Perseverance (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate, Christian Burns - Brave (Extended Mix)
DT8 Project - Destination (Super8 & Tab Extended Remix)
Whiteout - Connections (Extended Mix)
MaRLo, Mila Josef - You Are Not Alone (Extended Mix)
MaRLo, Mila Josef - You Are Not Alone (Extended Tech Energy Mix)
David Forbes - The Game (Extended Mix)
David Forbes - Monorail (Extended Mix)
David Forbes - Energy (Extended Mix)
Nat Monday, Natalie Major - Light Up The Sky (Extended Mix)
Harshil Kamdar, Alex Wright - In The End (Extended Mix)
Onova - Synchronicity (Extended Mix)
Activa, Glynn Alan - Titration (Glynn Alan Extended Remix)
XiJaro & Pitch, Adara - Invisible (Somna Extended Remix)
Torsten Stenzel - Interstellar [Cornfield Chase] (York's Back In Time Extended Mix)
Spencer Newell, Sarah De Warren - History (Memory Loss Presents LÜNA Extended Remix)
Ron With Leeds, Ren Faye - Stardust (Extended Mix)
Casepeat, Plutian - Genesis (Extended Mix)
Scott Mac - Damager 02 (Eryon Stocker Extended Remix)
4 Strings, Jessie Lee Thetford - Wake Up (Costa Extended Mix)
Ronski Speed, Stargazers, Katty Heath - Follow My Heart (Extended Mix)
Airwave - The World vs Spotify (Extended Mix)
Alchemist (CA) - Fantasy (Extended Mix)
Alchemist (CA), Akers Music - You (Extended Dub Mix)
Alchemist (CA), Akers Music - You (Extended Mix)
Alex Kudrow - Firenze (Extended Mix)
Alexander De Roy - Reboot (Extended Mix)
Alexander Komarov - Full Control (Extended Mix)
Alexander Komarov - La Campanella (Extended Mix)
Altra, Gabasso - Voltage (Extended Mix)
Andrew Heaven - Through Time and Space
Andy Newtz, Charmae - Out Of Control (Extended Mix)
Artifi - Inspiration Fails (Original Mix)
Artifi - Midnight Run (Original Mix)
Artifi - Star Gazing (Original Mix)
AstralFlare - Reminiscence (Extended Mix)
ATB - Future City (A Dreamstate Anthem) (Original Mix)
Ayrin - Morning Sun (Extended Mix)
Baya - By My Side (Extended Mix)
Beatsole - Always Spring (Extended Mix)
Bryn Whiting, Jason Gray - Never Give Up On You (Extended Mix)
Casey Rasch - Glassy (Extended)
Crisy - Jester (Extended Mix)
Damian Wasse - Civilization (Extended Mix)
Danny Fervent, Thomas Lloyd - Highway To L.A. (Extended Mix)
Das Pharaoh, Ginchy - Dot Matrix (Extended Mix)
Dima Rev - Bird (Extended Mix)
DJ Dani - Purple Moon (Extended Mix)
Dreamy - Ending Note (Original Mix)
Driftmoon - Tribe Of The Sun (Extended Mix)
Drunk Breeze - Goodbye Is The Only Way (Extended Mix)
Fancy Power - Arrival (Extended Mix)
FAWZY, Faidin - Nouray (Vinny DeGeorge Extended Remix)
Four Dots - Zorya (Extended)
Gadolan - Nebula (Extended Mix)
Gadolan - Radian (Extended Mix)
GAIA-X - Second Earth (Original Mix)
GAIA-X - Winds Of Creation (Original Mix)
Gerry Galago - Detached (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Greco - New World (Edu Bravo Extended Remix)
Giuseppe Greco - New World (Extended Mix)
H.M.B.L. - Warriors (Extended Mix)
Hyperbits - The Abyss (Extended Mix)
Ignatius Wang - Let’s Run Away (Extended Mix)
Ignatius Wang - Let’s Run Away (Instrumental Mix)
Introspecto - Enchantment (Original Mix)
Introspecto - Fragments (Original Mix)
Istar Project, Air-T - Afterlife (Extended Mix)
IZRAELL - Distortion (Daniel Pinho Remix)
IZRAELL - Distortion (Original Mix)
IZRAELL - Tornado Of Soul (Fher Vizzuett Remix)
IZRAELL - Tornado Of Soul (Original Mix)
Jay Mav - Reminder Of The Pain (Extended Mix)
Jeitam Osheen - Eudaimonia (Extended Mix)
Jesabel - Control (Extended Mix)
John Rockwell - Crossroads (Original Mix)
Joulez - Indigo Coastline (Extended Mix)
JTwo0, Lyd14 - Universe (Extended Mix)
Juan Almiñana Obando - Dark Side Of The Moon (Original Mix)
Kash Mihra - Lose Or Win (Extended Mix)
Kimiajid, FNYR - Time Of My Life (Extended Mix)
Lee Coulson - Show Me (Extended Mix)
Mahaputra - Break (Extended Mix)
Mahaputra - Break (Instrumental Mix)
Mahaputra - Come Over (Extended Mix)
Mahaputra - Come Over (Instrumental Mix)
Marc Wiese, Lovis - Tales (Extended Mix)
Mark Versluis, Emy Smith - Next To Me (Extended Mix)
Matthew Dreamer - Reach The Top (Extended Mix)
Mercurial Virus - Galaxy (Extended Mix)
Michael Milov - Revolt (Extended Mix)
Mully, Shvman, HYLIA - Dead Zone (Extended Mix)
Neil Hunter - Empire Of The Minds (Extended Mix)
Nico Cranxx, Chris Rane - Rise (Extended Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni - Nike (Intro Mix)
Nicola Maddaloni - Nike (Original Mix)
Ocoro - Woori And Mannam (Intro Mix)
Ocoro - Woori And Mannam (Original Mix)
Ocoro - Woori And Mannam (Piano Mix)
Oscar Hawk, Nick Russ - A Brighter Sun (Dub Mix)
Oscar Hawk, Nick Russ - A Brighter Sun (Extended Mix)
Ozgun, Matt Dybal - The Path (Extended Mix)
Pandora - Over The Rainbow (ED Lynam Extended Remix)
Paul Ryan - Frozen In Time (Extended Mix)
Pico Boulevard - The Moon And Back (Extended Mix)
Poli-Poli, Artem Arknet - Where Dreams Come True (Extended Mix)
Primestate Project - Otherworldly (Original Mix)
Rainer K - In My Dreams (Extended Mix)
Renegade System - Find Your Own Way (Extended Mix)
Revati - Luminosity Of The Sun (Extended Mix)
Rixson - Vision (Extended Mix)
RNX, Andromedha - Afterstorm (Extended Mix)
Robbie Graham - Subliminal (Extended Mix)
Robert Curtis - The Butterfly Effect (Andrea Montorsi Remix)
Rune Noire - All I Want (Extended Mix)
Rune Noire - Game (Extended Mix)
Ruslan Radriges, Av, Anton By, Yevtya - Revival (Extended Mix)
RY4N W1LSON - Atlantic (Extended Mix)
RY4N W1LSON - Blur (Extended Mix)
S.H.O.K.K. - Folie Á Deux (Wavetraxx & Nick The Kid Extended Mix)
Salright, Danni Carra - Rather Be (wavcrush Remix)
Solarstone, Farius - Velvet Tread (Extended Mix)
Soundtoys - Clouds (Original Mix)
Soundtoys - Deeper Shades (Original Mix)
Soundtoys - Lost (Original Mix)
Soundtoys - Oracle (Original Mix)
Soundtoys - Universe (Original Mix)
Steve Dekay - Tesseract (Extended Mix)
Sunlounger - Into The Light (Extended Club Mix)
Tim Besamusca - Galaxy (Extended Mix)
Tim Clark - Chasing Stars (Extended Mix)
U-Mount - Magnetize (Extended Mix)
Ula - Mutual Attraction (Extended Mix)
Waysen, Alexxon - Never Leave Me (Extended Mix)
YU-1 - Black Sky (Extended Mix)
YU-1 - Transformer (Extended Mix)